Wholesale for 428 520 525 530 Motorcycle Chain Buckle Ring Link Heavy Chain Connecting Connector Master Joint Link With O-Ring Chain Lock

This chain is suitable for 520H Chain Motorcycle.

-High Quality Material
-Easy Installation
-Precise Forging process leads to a stiff chain for better acceleration and more efficient engine work.
-Lightening hole allows for a lighter chain without compromising strength while removing mud and dispersing heat more efficiently.
-Improvement in transmission efficiency. Special pin with holes in both ends allow the chain to be lightened.
-Edge-cut inner plate reduces friction and allows for smooth engagement with sprocket.

-Style: Rivet
-Chain Size: 530HV/525HV/520HV/428HV
-Color: Gold, O-Ring is Black
-Size: As Picture Shown
-Quantity: 1 pc

Package Included:
1 Piece Master Connecting Link Set