Wholesale cdi virago 1100 for YAMAHA XV1100 XV 1100 Virago 1100 91-99 CDI TCI ECU Igniter 91-98 XV1100S Special 3LP-00 12 PIN

Motorcycle Digital Ignition CDI Unit For YAMAHA VIRAGO 1100 XV1100 XV1100S SpecialECU 1991-1999 3LP-00 12 PIN

Friendly reminder:

Dear customers friend, due to the difference in the time of manufacture and technical design of each motorcycle, please carefully check the year of your original product or the OEM:3LP-00 number engraved on the product must be consistent before purchasing the product, so in order to avoid losses caused by inability to use due to different product matching numbers. Please buy carefully!!!

installation tips! ! !

This No. 6 must have the side bracket retracted to start the ignition,as shown in the picture below

Brand new programmable digital mircochip series CDI has broke the analog control of the traditional method, it has adopted the imported high-speed microcomputer chip control, product igniting angle is more stable, with low speed and high speed ignition under strong power. The ignition angle and ignition time could trace and change according to the engine rotate speed, burnning more adequately, lower fuel consumption, and stronger anti-interruption ability and endurability. Improved Racing Motorcycle CDI Upon our professional Electronic Engineers’ carefully designing, a new type of CDI has come out. The starting speed is faster than the original design. The ignition angle is precise at the medium and high speed, which improves the engine's power and saves more fuel. This kind of CDI applies to the improved racing motorcycle and high-speed pursuer.